Friday, October 26, 2018

Nine old-fashioned ways to prevent the flu that don't work

By BOB JOHANNESSEN | Communications Director, Louisiana Department of Health

During the annual flu season, the Louisiana Department of Health spends much time trying to prevent flu cases by encouraging people to get the flu vaccination. From the general public to campaigns that encourage healthcare facilities such as hospitals to make sure their team members get the shot, to making sure that nursing homes are vaccinating their residents to the flu and pneumonia, our efforts are relentless.

Right now we are holding special influenza vaccination days throughout the state where the shot is given at no charge to anyone who needs it. We will also make shots available at our parish health units once the one-day clinics conclude. Call your local health unit to schedule a flu vaccination appointment.
As we do all of this, I couldn’t help but smile when I first read this article – old-fashioned ways to prevent the flu that DON’T work. From raw onions to burning sulfur to whiskey and bacon grease, these are folklore remedies that didn’t work 100 years ago and don’t work today. Enjoy the read.

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