Friday, July 26, 2019

Adult day health program is ‘a blessing’ to Gaye and Johnny Rosado

Eight years ago, Gaye Rosado’s life changed permanently when she suffered three brain aneurysms.

As Gaye received medical attention, her husband, Johnny, was the one to tell her the doctor’s diagnosis.

“I never even heard of a brain aneurysm until Johnny told me that I had one,” the former business owner said.

Gaye Rosado

A brain aneurysm occurs when a blood vessel in the brain bulges or balloons. If an aneurysm leaks or ruptures, it causes bleeding into the brain, which can destroy or damage brain cells. 

The experience took a heavy physical toll on her body.

“Gaye lost all mobility. She thought she was normal, but she wasn’t,” Johnny said. “She was so lost.”

Johnny, who works a full-time job, knew his wife needed a rehabilitation center and safe place to go during the day while he was at work. With assistance from the Louisiana Department of Health’s Office of Aging and Adult Services, Gaye began participating in the adult day health program at The Ballington Center in June 2015.

A safe, caring space

Located in Shreveport, The Ballington Center serves adults ages 18 and older who need supervision or interaction during the day. The Office of Aging and Adult Services contracts with Volunteers of America North Louisiana to run the center.

The center’s adult day health program helps clients and their families have a safe, caring and loving environment to come to during the day. It serves clients who are not yet ready for nursing home care, but may not be able to be left alone at home during the day.

Services available at the center include an on-site nurse, exercise and games, arts and crafts, daily devotionals, meals and snacks, referral to other social services, and transportation to and from the center.

New lease on life

When Gaye first arrived at the center she spent many days sitting and staring at the wall, but soon she began to settle in and enjoy her time there. She loves to read, work on crossword puzzles, exercise and socialize with the friends she has made.

Gaye is also “paying it forward,” as she said, by helping a fellow client of the center, a man who experienced a brain aneurysm. She said helping another person who has been through an experience similar to hers helped her stay mentally and physically active. Johnny agreed, saying he couldn’t be more proud of his wife.

Gaye spends three days a week at the center and the other days at home with her husband. Johnny said the center is a blessing to him and Gaye, providing them both with peace of mind.

“I don’t have to sit and worry about her safety every day,” Johnny said.

Learn more about The Ballington Center here.

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