Friday, November 22, 2019

Friends and family will be thankful for these healthy Thanksgiving dishes

Thanksgiving is famously known as a time for good eating. Your eyes are often bigger than your stomach, and you may be eating special foods that only come around once or twice a year. In anticipation of packing so many delicious dishes into your belly, you may even bring out your “fat pants” so you have extra room.

But, instead of letting temptations run free, why not make a healthy and delicious contribution to the Thanksgiving table? A little planning and preparation can go a long way toward giving you and your loved ones’ waistlines something to be thankful for, like one of these better-for-you side dishes from Well-Ahead Louisiana.

If you’re serving a larger group than what the recipe calls for, no worries — just double or even triple the recipe to meet your needs. Click on any recipe card to enlarge it.

When Thanksgiving is over, what can you do with leftover turkey besides sandwiches? Try a hot, comforting and healthy cup of soup. To make this soup lower in saturated fat, prepare it ahead of time to cool and skim off the fat that rises to the top.

For more healthy lifestyle advice, visit Well-Ahead Louisiana.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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